International Training | Learning Management System (LMS) Software and Database Management Development

Bring your training to life. From our humble origins as a scuba training agency that wanted to be ahead of the curve at the dawn of eLearning, International Training has grown to a large scale Learning Management Systems and Database Management Developer. We pride ourselves on our ability to build high quality education platforms that combine videos, graphics, text, interactive content, and more to create an engaging learning experience for any industry.

 In addition to our LMS platforms, we also offer full Database Management solutions, allowing you to fully track a learner’s progress, their certifications, expiration dates, and anything else that suits your needs. Together, these customizable solutions will give you the freedom to tailor a web-based program that works for you.

Learning Management Systems

eLearning is the future. It does not matter what your message is, eLearning is the easiest way to ensure your audience is paying attention. We have the perfect learning platform waiting for you…just tell us what you need. You can track student progress, review their scores and generate a final report to find out how well your audience did during the course of their program.

Database Management

Maintaining a solid database is the foundation of any company. The database contains your customers, their history, and more, and knowing these will provide the opportunity for business growth. Without a solid database it is very difficult to gauge success and manage important metrics. Don’t reinvent the wheel…we’ve done that already.

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