Become a leader in Differentiated Instruction, where we empower and specialize our training towards each student’s needs –we are here for them.

We are a global training certification company that relies heavily on electronic education and media platforms to bring vital Differentiated Instruction and Credentialed Certifications to customers. Our company has a long history in education.

International Training (IT) was founded in 1994 with a vision to safely instruct scuba divers in technical diving. An increased interest in scuba diving created the demand for safe instruction in all areas of recreational diving. As the company grew to a global presence, the need for more efficient training became evident. Leading innovation in the industry, IT was the first dive certification company to create and utilize an eLearning educational platform. With this knowledge, the company has grown into a worldwide leader in building training programs that help ordinary people do extraordinary things. Based in Stuart, Fl., we collaborate with partners worldwide to deliver our Differentiated Instruction-type certification products.

What is Differentiated Instruction?

Differentiated instruction is an educational approach that recognizes and addresses the diverse learning needs, abilities, interests, and backgrounds of students. The aim of differentiated instruction is to create an inclusive and effective learning environment that caters to the individual needs of each student, leading to improved academic success and engagement. Implementing differentiated instruction effectively requires thoughtful planning, a deep understanding of students’ abilities and needs, and a willingness to adapt teaching strategies to create an optimal learning experience for all. At IT we acknowledge that our clients come from various backgrounds and abilities, and we strive to provide a learning environment that is a fit for all.

To empower the world to learn something new and adventurous.

Our Core Values

Our core values support our company’s vision and shape our culture. At IT we operate with: Integrity, Unity, and Safety.


A personal quality characterized by honesty, strong moral principles, and consistency in actions, values, methods, measures, and expectations. We are an education company, and we heavily rely on these qualities to be effective at educating our clients, through our educational systems and platforms.


The state of being united and working collaboratively to achieve shared goals and objectives. Promoting unity requires everyone’s efforts towards open communication, and a commitment to shared goals. It involves recognizing and valuing the strengths of each member, regardless of personal and social differences. Unity drives progress by leveraging the collective power of individuals working together towards a greater purpose, in this case our vision and mission.


The state of being protected from harm, danger, or risk. When we act with integrity and in unity, we will effectively provide safety for ourselves and our clients. Our educational material is based on international standards, which are safe, and are accepted and recognized worldwide.